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With 27 years of experience, SonicWall is recognised as the Network Security Leader in the Cyber Arms race


global channel partners

1 million+



countries and territories





3 million+

firewalls shipped

Business Update FY19

  • Had the highest government quarter in our history
  • New records across the business:

            54 new products and ~162 million lines of code

           92% customer renewal rate

           58% of technical support cases resolve in first business day

           15:1 self-service score in 2018 (best in class)

           51 awards accumulated since February 2018

  • Launched new Capture Cloud Platform and Capture Security Center

“Bill, just to let you know that Anonymous Italy declared an attack to various public administrations including Pisa University until Nov 5 2018. We resisted the attacks mainly on our mail thanks to the email security solution we recently deployed. We had peaks of 600,000 connections/day with only 100,000 legitimate and the system resisted under pressure. We are impressed by the system performance, in the month of October we received 12million connections and just over 2million were delivered as legitimate.”

Antonio Cisternino – CIO University of Pisa, Italy

SonicWall Security Center: Did You Know?

In 2018, the average SonicWall customer faced:

  • ~25,000 malware attacks (+22% over 2017)
  • 490ransomware attacks (+11%)
  • 19% of malware using non-standard ports (+9%)
  • 9.3 million intrusion attempts (+38%)
  • 1,276 encrypted threats (+27%)
  • 105K web app attacks (+79%)
  • 5,488 phishing attacks
  • 392K new attack variants (1,074/day) detected by Capture ATP
  • 74K+ never-before-seen attack variants identified by RTDMI

In Jan-March 2019, the average SonicWall customer faced:

  • 5,922 malware attacks (-20% over Jan-March 2018)
  • 93 ransomware attacks (-16%)
  • 70 cryptojacking attacks (+226%)
  • 15.1% of malware using non-standard ports (-19%)
  • 2.4million intrusion attempts (+10%)
  • 545 encrypted threats (+65%)
  • 25K web app attacks (-44%)
  • 1,059 phishing attacks (+2%)
  • ~105K new attack variants (1,165/day) detected by Capture ATP  (+110%)
  • ~173K never-before-seen attack variants identified by RTDMI

Key findings from 2018

Cybercriminal Advances

Ransomware Up Globally

  • Global ransomware up 11% in 2018
  • 206.4 million attacks globally
  • Average customer attacked 25K times in 2018

Malicious PDF & Office Files

  • 34% of threats found by Capture ATP in Q4 2018 were PDF/Office
  • EXE and Flash are on the decline

Non-Standard Ports Ripe For Exploitation

  • Ports 80 and 443 are the standard ports for web
  • 19.2% of malware used non-standard ports in 2018
  • This was up 8.7%  over 2017

IoT Attacks Escalating

  • IoT attacks increased 217% in 2018 to 32.7 million
  • Routers and IP Cameras the most commonly targeted devices
  • 31 billion IoT devices forecast by 2020

Encrypted Attacks Growing

  • In 2012, major websites moved to 100% HTTPS
  • In 2018, we saw a 27% increase in attacks using HTTPS
  • Nemucod was 39% of the malware using HTTPS

Business Impact


Total cost of ransomware to businesses forecasted for 2021


Average total cost of a data breach


A business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in 2019


Global losses due to business email compromise scams as of May 2018

The Need: Automated Real-time Breach Detection & Prevention

Advanced Threats


Fileless Malware

Encrypted Malware




The Challenge

Any Vehicle
Email, Browser,  Apps, Files

Any Traffic
Encrypted, Unencrypted

Any Network
Wired, Wireless, Mobile, Cloud

Any Device
PC, Tablet, Phone, IoT

Critical Components

Inspect all SSL/encrypted traffic

Machine learning

Multi-engine, CPU-tracking cloud sandbox

Block files until a verdict is rendered

Integrated security platform (firewall, endpoint, wireless, email, CASB, Wi-Fi)

Security center (SOC)

SonicWall Capture Labs

Established in mid-90’s


Over 10.5 billion malware attacks in 2018


74K+ never before seen threats in 2018


World-class threat and machine learning engineering team


Discovery of hundreds of unique variants every day

Extensive Malware Library

Hundreds of terabytes of data/artifacts

Capture Threat Network


Industry research organisations in which intelligence is shared






Response to never before seen vulnerabilities


Malware samples collected daily


Malware attacks blocked daily

Automated Real-Time Breach Detection and Prevention Technology

Machine learning maturing to stop never-before-seen malware variants

SonicWall Capture ATP sandbox and RTDMITM technology have been dynamically self-learning and self-enhancing throughout 2018.

Since January 2018, RTDMITM has identified 247,044 never-before-seen attacks.

Product Innovation: 4Q17 to 1Q19

Product Architecture

Zero-Touch Deployment Service

SonicWall Risk Meters


SonicWall Automated Real-Time Threat Detection & Prevention: 2018

Protection Across the Enterprise...

2018 NSS NGFW Report

  • In July 2018, NSS Labs published its 6th annual NGFW report
  • For the 5th time, SonicWall is strongly positioned in the upper right “Recommended” quadrant
  • NSa 2650 achieved a security effectiveness score of 98.8%
  • 100% effectiveness against all evasions (190/190)
  • 100% pass rate for all stability & reliability tests
  • Achieved security effectiveness with a low TCO of $4/Mbps (2ndbest in value vs. all the models tested)

Overall Security Effectiveness 38

NSS Test Results – Evasion Resistance Vendor Comparison

Support Services: Improvements Dec. 2017 – March 2019

  • Monthly Service Reviews –CEO-driven
  • Enterprise Support Model
  • Strategic Support Calls
  • Pareto Analyses by Product
  • Top Accounts

Support Improvements (YoY)

  • For the past 12 months, SonicWall technical agents have achieved a satisfaction rating of 92%for professionalism, technical knowledge and responsiveness.
  • Support case backlog age remains in the 13 days range down from 16 days last year.
  • First day resolution rate for cases continues to exceed 55%.
  • Knowledge Base article feedback continues to perform with a 97% positive rating.

SonicWall Coverage in FY ’20 (Feb-Mar)

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