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The Skybox Security Suite

The Skybox® Security Suite is a cyber risk management platform built to conquer security challenges in complex enterprise networks.

By integrating with more than 120 networking and security technologies, the Suite gives exceptional and seamless visibility across physical IT, multi–cloud and OT networks. Our analytics and intelligence provide the context needed to bridge the gaps between point solutions, so security teams can fulfill the goals of vulnerability, threat, firewall and security policy management programs — even in the world’s largest organizations.

The Suite includes four modules and our Research Lab’s intelligence feed on a common platform. Modules can be licensed individually or together.

Skybox Vulnerability Control

Create a single source of truth for all vulnerability data, find exploitable and exposed vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, accurately prioritize patches and leverage security controls to mitigate risk.

Skybox Research Lab

Get consolidated, analyst–validated intelligence from dozens of security data sources to use in vulnerability and threat management as well as firewall and security policy management.

Skybox Firewall Assurance

Bring all your firewall infrastructure into a single view, continuously monitor policy compliance, optimize rulesets and find attack vectors other technologies may miss.

Skybox Network Assurance

Gain seamless visibility across hybrid environments and complex network zones, bring policy violations to light and get the insight needed to reduce attack vectors and avoid network disruption.

Skybox Change Manager

Turn complex firewall change requests into a secure, manageable and automated workflow, and assess changes for violations and security risks before they go live.

The Skybox model brings together the network and asset layer, vulnerabilities and
threat intelligence to break down traditional silos and turn data into actionable insight.

Total Visibility

See everything in your hybrid network in one view.

Skybox analyzes information from your organization’s assets and networks to provide a contextual understanding of your risk of cyberattack so you can proactively address that risk. Collecting data from a variety of sources, Skybox builds a model encompassing your:

  • Network topology (routers, load balancers, switches)
  • Security controls (firewalls, IPS, VPN)
  • Assets (servers, workstations, networks including traditional IT, multi–cloud and OT)
  • Vulnerabilities and threats

The model is regularly and automatically updated to reflect the actual state of your network.

Skybox Horizon

Visualize your attack surface in a simple picture to quickly spot areas at the greatest risk, track risk reduction efforts over time and easily communicate security status to the boardroom.

Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management

Stop chasing the wrong vulnerabilities

Skybox takes a fundamentally different approach to vulnerability management. Using asset, network and threat context, we focus remediation on vulnerabilities most likely to be attacked: those with active exploits in the wild and exposed in your environment.

Skybox analyzes multiple factors to prioritize remediation, including:

  • Vulnerability severity
  • Compliance
  • Age
  • Location
  • Exploitability
  • Prevalence (density)
  • Asset role
  • Asset value
  • Threats
  • Network topology
  • Security controls


  • Scanlessly assess vulnerabilities on demand
  • Merge and centralize data from multiple discovery methods, environments and technologies

  • Prioritization

  • Understand the relationship between vulnerable assets and security controls to identify exposures
  • Know which vulnerabilities have active and available exploits

  • Response Planning

  • Correlate vulnerabilities to available patches and IPS signatures
  • Understand how routing rules, ACLs and other network–based changes can mitigate risk

  • Oversight

  • Ensure remediation and mitigation are successful
  • Escalate remediation priorities as your environment or threats change

  • Unified Security Policy Management

    Automate and orchestrate across your entire network

    Skybox delivers automated tasks and workflows to simplify and centralize security policy management across traditional IT, multi–cloud and OT networks.

    • Create analytics–driven, automated processes that scale and adapt to a growing network
    • Ensure firewall rules and security policies enable reliable connectivity and continuous compliance — without exposing the organization to risky attack vectors
    • Streamline the creation of new firewall rules and efficiently manage rule recertification
    • Perform same–day audits and simplify reporting

    Firewall Optimization and Cleanup

  • Identify unused, shadowed and redundant rules to keep firewalls running a top performance

  • Policy Compliance

  • Continuously monitor for violations in rule, access or configuration compliance policies

  • Change Management

  • Automate a closed–loop workflow with third–party verification
  • Proactively assess firewall changes for security policy violations or vulnerability exposures

  • Rule Life Cycle Management

  • Automate recertification processes to proactively manage compliance and optimize firewalls
  • Assign a single or multiple owners to each rule

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