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Threat-Centric Vulnerability Intelligence

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Threat-Centric Vulnerability Intelligence

  • Aggregated intelligence from 30 public and private security data feeds
  • Research of more than 700,000 sites in the dark web to discover exploits available in the wild
  • Threat intelligence validated by Skybox™ Security analysts

From targeted, highly sophisticated attacks to distributed cybercrime–as–a–service, the tools used to carry out cyberattacks change constantly. In malware alone, tens of thousands of variants emerge each year, making it difficult for traditional anti-virus solutions to recognize each strain. Rather than chasing each variant, Skybox takes a fundamental approach to proactively combat cyberthreats by prioritizing exploitable vulnerabilities for immediate remediation. Using this threat-centric approach to vulnerability management, you can cut off attacks at the source. Even if an attacker is able to infiltrate an organization’s network, the vulnerabilities they look to exploit are already neutralized.

The Skybox™ Research Lab is the force behind this threat-centric vulnerability intelligence. Our team of security analysts scours data from more than 30 leading public and private security feeds as well as more than 700,000 sites on the dark web. The result is the most accurate vulnerability analysis based on Skybox-certified intelligence of the current threat landscape – delivered to you daily.

The work of the Skybox Research Lab tracks tens of thousands of vulnerabilities on more than 8,000 products including:

  • Server and desktop operating systems
  • Business and desktop applications
  • Networking and security technologies
  • Developer tools
  • Internet and mobile applications
  • IoT devices
  • Industrial control system (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices

While many tasks of the Research Lab are automated, the human element is key. Security analysts validate and enhance data through manual analysis, bringing their knowledge of attack trends, cyber events and tactics, techniques and procedures of today’s cyberattackers. Their ongoing investigations determine what vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild and packaged in distributed crimeware such as ransomware, malware, exploit kits and other attacks exploiting client- and server-side vulnerabilities.

The threat-centric vulnerability intelligence provided by the Research Lab plays a crucial role in several Skybox components including:

Skybox™ Security Suite

  • Skybox™ Vulnerability Control
  • Skybox™ Threat Manager
  • Skybox™ Horizon

Skybox Services and Technologies

  • Skybox™ Vulnerability Detector
  • Skybox™ Vulnerability Center
  • Intelligence feed

Skybox correlates this intelligence with information gathered and analyzed from your environment, such as asset exposure and criticality. With insight to how the current threat landscape impacts your organization, Skybox can quickly prioritize your most imminent threats in need of immediate remediation and monitor gradual risk reduction to ensure potential threats don’t escalate. Threat-centric intelligence from the Skybox Research Lab gives you an invaluable resource to take a systematic, targeted approach to fight threats, improve vulnerability management and continuously reduce your attack surface.

Skybox Research Lab Intelligence Sources

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