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The proliferation of sensitive data stored in files continues to accelerate at exponential rates, creating an ever-increasing attack vector. Users are extracting data from applications and creating new content, including documents, reports and presentations stored across various ungoverned repositories such as file shares and cloud storage systems. Unfortunately, this large blind spot makes it difficult to manage and control access to these files, which creates a compliance and security risk for organizations.

SailPoint has pioneered a new paradigm for identity with SecurityIQ, which extends governance controls to sensitive data stored in files. It strengthens security and improves compliance posture across on-premises and cloud file storage repositories.

SailPoint extends identity governance by providing comprehensive protection across all applications and data stored in files.

Discover Exposed Sensitive Data
Sensitive information, such as PII, PHI and PCI data, can often be found in a variety of file shares, SharePoint sites and cloud storage services. SecurityIQ allows businesses to rapidly identify and classify where sensitive data resides on-premises and in cloud repositories.

Address Unauthorized User Access
The various pathways a user has access to files can be difficult to manage and control. SecurityIQ automatically collects and analyzes permissions to files. With this visibility, you can correctly align and fix access issues to improve data security.

Empower Business Users
Protecting sensitive files requires an understanding of who should have access. SecurityIQ helps to identify and elect data owners by using innovative crowdsourcing technology. Actionable dashboards alert data owners to remediate risk exposures, and manage data access requests and reviews.

Extend your Identity Governance Strategy SecurityIQ, together with the SailPoint Identity Governance platform, provides comprehensive governance across applications and files. With enriched identity information about users, applications and files, your organization can more quickly identify risks and address compliance issues.

Accelerate Compliance

With a powerful policy framework, SecurityIQ can quickly and compliantly discover, classify and secure sensitive data in accordance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Data owner access reviews and certifications enable organizations to streamline audit response and demonstrate compliance.

Drive Enterprise Security and Efficiency
SecurityIQ can help clean up permissions in Active Directory prior to moving to Azure Active Directory, and identify both sensitive and stale data to optimize the migration of data to cloud storage systems. Together with the SailPoint Identity Governance platform, a consistent set of access controls can be applied across Office 365.

SecurityIQ allows customers to:

  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Mitigate risk of inappropriate access
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve IT staff productivity

The difference is clear.

  • SecurityIQ minimizes risk exposure to data leakage or breach by discovering and monitoring access to files containing sensitive data, such as PII, PHI and credit card data.
  • SecurityIQ improves data security posture by allowing relevant data owners to control user access and usage via an intuitive and actionable dashboard.
  • SecurityIQ reduces risk by leveraging real-time contextual monitoring, alerting, and action-based rules to address access violations.
  • SecurityIQ enables access to data stored in files to be governed as part of a comprehensive identity governance strategy.

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