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The digital transformation is creating a challenge for managing access to information in today’s dynamic, data-driven environment. This challenge requires much more from identity management solutions to ensure digital identities are managed and governed properly. IdentityIQ and SailPoint’s open identity platform enable organizations to put identity at the center of their security and IT strategy to easily see and govern access across the entire enterprise, including systems and applications found on-premises and in the cloud.

IdentityIQ is a proven enterprise solution designed to empower organizations to monitor and control user access to any resource in your environment, ensure all access complies to organizational policies, and streamline and automate rigorous IT helpdesk processes. Additionally, IdentityIQ accelerates an organization’s time to value with pre-configured, best practice uses cases to simplify identity processes and reduce deployment cost and time. The platform includes the following:

IdentityIQ is ready for complex hybrid IT environments, unifying identity management processes across cloud, mobile and on-premises environments.

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager enables your business to improve compliance and audit performance, while lowering costs, through:

  • Business-Friendly Access Certifications
  • Automated Policy Management
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager
delivers a business-oriented solution to deliver access securely and cost-effectively through:

  • Self-Service Access Request
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Rapid Application Onboarding
  • Immediate Emergency Response Capabilities

IdentityIQ Password Manager
delivers a simple-to-use solution for managing user passwords to reduce operational costs and boost productivity.

  • Self-Service Password Management
  • Strong Password Policy Enforcement and Sync

The IdentityIQ Governance Platform creates a foundation for effective risk management by centralizing identity data and providing a single place to model roles, policies, risk and business processes.

Connectors and Integration Modules provide critical connectivity to third-party applications and systems, and seamlessly integrate IdentityIQ with other IT security and operations tools. This connectivity fabric enables you to share rich identity context across all resources in your organization. Specialized integration modules provide deep integration and governance to AWS, SAP and privileged account management solutions.

IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence allows your organization to get 360-degree visibility into identity data with personalized dashboards and business-friendly reports. This allows you to quickly identify risks, spot compliance issues and make the right decisions to improve effectiveness.

IdentityIQ allows customers to:

  • Easily bring all resources under governance, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or software bots, AWS IaaS and SAP environments.
  • Centralize visibility and governance controls to reduce risk.
  • Improve IT efficiencies, and demonstrate and enforce compliance – while reducing costs.

The difference is clear.

  • SailPoint continues to innovate and lead identity governance into new frontiers by securing all digital identities, applications and data.
  • IdentityIQ is designed for the business user, translating IT speak into actionable business information and simplifying the user experience.
  • IdentityIQ is highly scalable and flexible with configuration options to meet a wide-variety of use-cases.

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