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The NSFOCUS Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) provides comprehensive threat protection that blocks intrusions, prevents breaches, and safeguards your valuable assets.

NGIPS uses an innovative, multi-layer approach to identifying and addressing known, zero-day, and advanced persistent threats to protect you from malware, worms, spyware, back-door Trojans, data leakage, brute force cracking, protocol attacks, scanning/probing, web threats, and more. This approach combines signature and behavior-based detection, protocol and traffic anomaly detection, correlation analysis, deep packet inspection, and the latest threat intelligence to detect malicious sites and botnets.

An optional virtual sandboxing capability can be added to the NGIPS system using the NSFOCUS Threat Analysis (TA) appliance. The TA uses several detection engines to identify known and zero-day threats, including an IP reputation engine, anti-virus engine, static analysis engine, and virtual sandbox execution.

Integrated Threat Intelligence
The most dangerous cyber threats are the ones that can’t be seen or detected until it is too late. In order to protect themselves, forward thinking companies are building threat intelligence directly into their network security infrastructure. The NGIPS integrates global threat intelligence from the NSFOCUS Threat Analysis to provide up-to-date protection from botnets, malicious sites, viruses and other discovered exploits.

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection
The NGIPS can discover and block advanced threats by discerning anomalous network behaviors such as sensitive data leakage, file identification, and server illegal outreach. In addition, it prevents zero-day attacks through an optional TAC appliance that monitors CPU, network activity, memory utilization, system driver behavior and more in a virtual environment. This allows you to identify malicious activity and harmful executables before they reach your critical servers and desktops.

Accurate Threat Detection
Legacy IPS products only analyzed data packets without considering the specific configuration of the end-systems. This caused many false positive alarms. For example, in some instances, a target system running an Apache web server would trigger events on Microsoft IIS related vulnerabilities or exploits. The NSFOCUS NGIPS provides accurate threat detection and event reporting through a combination of context data from the end-systems, IP reputation, user identity, geographical locations, and other user assets.

Adaption To Complex Environments
The NGIPS provides up to 20Gbps of application-layer data processing capacity and has flexible IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack adaptive capability to fully adapt to complex network environments.

Benefits And Key Features

Comprehensive threat protection
The NSFOCUS NGIPS combines intrusion prevention, threat intelligence, and an optional virtual sandboxing capability to effectively address known, zero-day, and advanced persistent threats.

Networking and security features designed to keep you online
The NGIPS integrates traffic prioritization, shaping, and DDoS protection to ensure bandwidth is available for your critical users, servers, and applications.

Scalable protection with industry leading price/performance
The NGIPS is designed
for any size organization in a range of cost and performance-optimized virtual and hardware appliances that scale up to 20Gbps.

Simplified Threat Management
The NGIPS can be deployed in a high availability configuration and provides advanced network management features, including threat visualization based on the attack chain, asset views, and more.


Intrusion Prevention

Threat Intelligence

Threat Analysis

Web Application Security

Traffic Control

User Identity

Threat Visualization

Physical and Virtual Appliances

TA Key Features

Flexible configuration interface

  • Comprehensive object library
  • Custom service and policy definition

Threat visualization

  • Statistics based on the attack chain
  • Multiple views for threat information: locations, users, and assets

Flexible configuration interface

  • Top 5 high-level threats
  • Latest threat events
  • 24-hour threat trends
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reporting options

Threat Analysis (TA)
The NSFOCUS TA is an optional virtual sandboxing appliance that is capable of detecting, analyzing, and mitigating known, zero-day, and advanced persistent threats. The technology is often deployed as an additional line of defense that operates in unison with the NSFOCUS NGIPS.

The TA utilizes a multi-stage detection engine to identify malicious activity. This approach combines signature detection, heuristic analysis, threat intelligence and virtual execution techniques to protect any network against today’s cyber threats.

TA Fundamentals
The functions provided by the TA are highlighted in the diagram below. The various engines, detection techniques, malware databases, and reputation detection capabilities work in unison to address known and unknown threats. Easy -to-use statistics and trend reports, behavioral analysis reports, and comprehensive analysis services are also available.

TA Protocol, Application, Code, and OS Support
The TA has broad protocol support, supports multiple file types, performs extensive static code analysis, and virtual OS support. 

Multiple TA Form Factors
The TA has broad protocol support, supports multiple file types, performs extensive static code analysis, and virtual OS support.

Multiple Form Factors
The NSFOCUS NGIPS solution is cost and performance optimized to meet the needs of any size organization. Suitable for small to medium environments, NGIPS virtual appliances are deployed on virtual machines and with the appropriate hardware support can scale up to 2 Gbps. Demanding Enterprise and Service Provider Data Centers can choose from a range of scalable hardware appliances that can provide up to 40 Gbps of throughput.

Accurate detection of unknown malware helps reduce the risk of Advanced Persistent Threats.
D Series – malware detection for web or email Hardware appliance form factor 2RU, 4 network card slots

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