Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

Use Netsparker to Identify Exploitable Vulnerabilities and Other Security Flaws in Your Websites, Web Applications & Web Services Before Hackers Do. Netsparker scanners employ the unique, dead accurate & fast Proof-Based Vulnerability Scanning Technology that automatically verifies the identified vulnerabilities with a proof of exploit, so you do not have to manually verify them.

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The Need To Ensure Your Web Assets are Secure

The majority of today’s businesses rely on web applications because they allow employees to access critical data and collaborate with partners easily, at any time and from anywhere.

Though more often than not web applications are susceptible to vulnerabilities that can be automatically detected and easily exploited.

Beat malicious hackers by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your websites before they find and exploit them. Emulate them by using an automated web application security scanner to identify exploitable vulnerabilities and security flaws that can leave your business exposed.

Use Netsparker, which is well known for its ease of use and high vulnerability detection rate and accuracy.

Netsparker Detects More Vulnerabilities Than Other Web Scanners

Netsparker web application security scanner identified all the direct impact vulnerabilities when tested in third party and independent benchmark tests, thus leading the other scanners. These results are further proof that the Netsparker scanner has the most advanced and accurate crawling & scanning technology with the highest web vulnerabilities detection rate. So why settle for the second best?

Is Easy to Use

You can launch a web application security scan in just a few seconds. Netsparker will automatically detect custom 404 error pages, URL rewrites and scan websites with Anti-CSRF tokens, so you do not have to get bogged down in the details.

Allows You to Automate More

Netsparker has a unique self-fine-tuning technology. You do not have to configure URL rewrite rules or scan policies before every scan, it is all automated. With such automation you can scan 100s & 1000s of websites without having to get bogged down in configuring the scanners for hours.

Automatically Scan Modern HTML5, Web 2.0 and Single Page Applications

Netsparker can automatically parse, execute and analyze the output of JavaScript. This means it can automatically crawl, interpret and scan any type of HTML5, Web 2.0, Single Page and other modern web applications that rely on client-side scripting.

Automatically Scan Password Protected Websites

Netsparker can automatically traverse web and login forms. There is no need to record any login macros, just specify the login form URL, username and password and the scanner will figure out everything else automatically.

Automatically Verify Identified Vulnerabilities with Proof of Exploit

You do not have to manually verify the scan results. Netsparker’s unique scanning engine automatically exploits the detected vulnerabilities in a safe way and generates a proof of exploit in the report. If a vulnerability cannot be verified automatically you will be alerted.

Can Easily Scale Up & Encourage Team Collaboration

Netsparker Cloud, the online edition of the scanner, is a multi-user online web security scanning solution that can scan 100s or 1000s of websites simultaneously with the minimum of configuration. Packed with workflow enterprise tools such as Website Groups, Tasks Management and Trend Matrix Reports, Netsparker Cloud encourages team collaboration and allows you to ensure that all vulnerabilities and security flaws are fixed before an application is launched in a live environment.

Allow for Easy Integration of Web Security Scanning in Your SDLC

Both editions of the Netsparker scanner allow for easy integration of web application security scanning in your SDLC. Netsparker Cloud has the most extensive API available on the market, with which you can trigger any action. Netsparker Desktop has command line support, allowing you to easily trigger scans via scripts.


Netsparker Desktop or Netsparker Cloud?

Both editions of Netsparker use the dead accurate Proof-Based Scanning Technology. The decision of which edition to choose depends on your requirements:

If you manage the security of 100s or 1000s of websites, you need a scalable solution. Netsparker Cloud is the right solution for you; you can easily scan all websites simultaneously and use the workflow tools to allow everyone on your team, including managers, to collaborate and ensure the long-term security of all the websites. Netsparker Cloud is also available as an on-premises solution.

If on the other hand you need a tool that allows you to do manual crawling and get your hands dirty while doing extensive security tests, then Netsparker Desktop ticks all your checkboxes.


Other Noteworthy Features in Netsparker Scanners

  • Out of the box integration with systems such as JIRA and Github
  • OWASP Top 10, PCI, HIPAA and other compliance report templates
  • Custom Reports API to build personalized security reports
  • Retest vulnerabilities functionality
  • Built-in proxy for manual crawling and controlled scanning
  • Exploitation engine to show the real impact of exploited vulnerabilities

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