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Netsparker Desktop is a dead accurate, single user web application security scanner that is available as an on-premises Windows software.

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The need for accuracy and automation in web application security

Many professionals avoid automated web application security scanners because they think scanners only discover the vulnerabilities that are easy to detect. Automated scanners also have a reputation for generating lots of false positives, which defeats the whole purpose of automation, because you then have to spend hours manually verifying scan results.

Web security and other professionals need a dead accurate, automated, and easy to use web vulnerability scanner they can trust – Netsparker Desktop.

Netsparker desktop

Netsparker Desktop disrupts the status quo of the web application security industry. Prior to its release in 2009, vendors played down the negative impact false positives had on vulnerability assessments. Netsparker’s unique, Proof-Based scanning technology automatically verifies detected vulnerabilities. Many are surprised to realise that they no longer have to waste hours manually verifying scan results. An added benefit is that you can also reduce the probability of human errors in your vulnerability assessment processes.

Key Features

The key features of Netsparker Desktop are as follows.

Dead Accurate Vulnerability Scanning

Netsparker’s cutting edge Proof-Based Scanning Technology automatically exploits the identified vulnerabilities, proving they are real and not false positives. Independent comparison reports also show that Netsparker can detect more vulnerabilities than other solutions.*

Executive and Detailed Technical Reports

Our built-in Reporting tool enables you to generate web security reports, such as an Executive Summary, Detail Technical Report, a Vulnerabilities List, or a Compliance report. All reports can be generated in PDF or HTML format.

Ideal for Manual Web Application Security Analysis and Testing

Even though it is fully automated, under the hood Netsparker Desktop is a fully-fledged vulnerability assessment tool. All automation can be overridden, however, and it has a proxy for manual crawling and a controlled scan feature that allows you to configure multiple scan settings.

Easy to Use and Fully Automated

Netsparker Desktop automatically detects URL rewrites, custom 404 pages, anti-CSRF tokens and more. Authentication can be configured by specifying the login form URL and credentials, without having to record a login macro.

Detailed Vulnerability Information

The Netsparker web application security scanner reports vulnerabilities with a high degree of specificity. This helps to ensure that developers understand the vulnerabilities, know how to fix them, and learn to write more secure code.


  • Identify vulnerabilities in any type of web application or web service, regardless of the platform or technology

  • Save time and money with Netsparker’s pre-scan and post-scan automation, making penetration testing a matter of hours, not days or weeks

  • Focus on what matters most – spend your time fixing your security issues

  • Generate accurate web vulnerability scan results with our unique Proof-Based scanning technology that makes manually verifying vulnerabilities redundant

Other Notable Features

  • HTTP Request Builder
  • Internal Proxy
  • Encoding and Decoding Tools
  • ViewState Viewer
  • Command Line Interface
  • Report Policy Editor

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