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An enterprise & scalable solution that enables organisations to easily find vulnerabilities in their web applications & web services, and ensure their long term security.

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Netsparker Cloud is an industry leading cloud-based web application security scanning solution that automatically scans custom web application for Cross-site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and other type of vulnerabilities. It has a unique Proof-Based Scanning Technology that generates a proof of exploit upon identifying vulnerabilities, proving they are real and not false positives. Netsparker Cloud is an enterprise-offering solution that allows you to easily get everyone involved, scale up processes, automate more and manage the long term security of all your web applications and web services.

Enterprises are so heavily dependant on web applications that they typically have hundreds and thousands of them. This also means that enterprises have a bigger attack surface. Unfortunately many of them are failing to keep their web applications secure and hackers have the upperhand. Statistics show that 70% of web applications have vulnerabilities and businesses get hacked on a daily basis.

Enterprises need more than just a scanning tool to safeguard their sensitive data and reputation. They need a scalable and easy to use solution such as Netsparker Cloud, with which they can scan 1,000 web applications and get scan results with which they can work with in just 24 hours.

Key Features

Dead Accurate

Netsparker’s cutting edge Proof-Based Scanning Technology automatically exploits the identified vulnerabilities, proving they are real and not false positives. Independent comparison reports also show that Netsparker can detect more vulnerabilities than other solutions.*

Scalable & Agile

Your team does not have to spend countless hours configuring the scanner or verifying its results. Thanks to our pre and post scan automation you can seamlessly add and scan new websites within just a few hours. Netsparker Cloud can scan 1,000 web applications and generate accurate results that you can take action on in just 24 hours.

Collaboration & Efficiency

As a multi-user environment Netsparker Cloud allows everyone involved to have the full visibility of the security state of the web applications. By involving everyone, from the management to the technical teams you reduce the bureaucracy that hogs the development and implementation of security fixes in large organisations.


The REST API allows you to easily integrate automated web vulnerability scanning at all the stages of the SDLC. Netsparker Cloud also has out-of-the-box integration support for issue tracking systems such as JIRA, so discovered vulnerabilities are automatically posted on your issue tracking system.

Get Alerted Instantly

Configure email and SMS alerts to get alerted instantly when a critical security hole is identified on you mission-critical web applications. Stay on top of the game.


  • Scale up the process of automatically finding vulnerabilities in web applications for more secure web applications.

  • Centralize all vulnerability data and see the results in one place, anytime from anywhere.

  • Scan and generate reports for vulnerabilities listed in the OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS and other compliance requirements.

  • Integrate efficient automated web vulnerability scanning at every stage of the SDLC, ensuring security issues are tackled at source.

  • Save time and money by taking advantage of the Cloud-based solution that is maintenance free and always readily available.

  • Identify, fix and manage vulnerabilities in your web applications with easy to use multi-user workflow tools.

Privacy & Security Concerns? Available As On-Premises

All vulnerability data is securely stored. Though if you have privacy concerns, or you cannot use an online service because of other restrictions you can still benefit from Netsparker’s superior web vulnerability scanning technology and its workflow tools. Setup and use the on-premises solution on your private cloud. Talk to us for more information.

  • Trending, executive & developer reports

  • Email & SMS notifications

  • Full and incremental scans

  • Fully configurable scanner

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